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Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre Website Terms & Conditions

Please treat the information you read on our website as general information only.

While our Before & After photos depict actual patient results, individual surgical results can - and often do - vary greatly and you may get a different result than another patient even if you look similar in the Before picture(s).

Information you see online, including our Before & After surgery pictures, should be discussed in detail with Dr. Chivers. Do not hesitate to ask any and all questions you may have during your consultation before consenting to a surgical or non-surgical procedure.

The information on our website should not be considered a substitute for an in-person consultation that includes a physical examination, a medical history, a discussion of the potential risks, including potential complications, and of the advantages and disadvantages of the different surgical procedures, as well as the likely and realistic outcome of the surgical procedure(s).

Only an in-person consultation and examination can help Dr. Chivers provide you with information about what you, as a unique individual, can expect from a surgical procedure.

All surgery is likely to produce a permanent scar. It is also likely that such a scar will fade over time. However, some scars are unpredictable and certain skin types are more prone to more pronounced scarring.

All surgery has inherent unpredictable components, such as potential complications (some of which could be life-threatening), scarring and unwanted appearance, as well as other risks associated with your surgical or non-surgical procedure(s).

Make sure that you are comfortable with any and all of the potential risks before consenting to any surgical or non-surgical procedures.

Be sure to follow Dr. Chivers' pre-operative and post-operative recommendations for optimal recovery and procedure outcomes, all the while keeping in mind that all healing from surgery can be unpredictable due to the uniqueness of every person.

Please ask Dr. Chivers about what you can realistically expect from your procedure and what is achievable and suitable for your body type and/or health condition(s). Discuss in detail any and all potential risks involved and only then decide, by and for yourself, if you are prepared to risk the potential complications and other risks inherent with these types of surgical or non-surgical procedures.

It is very important for surgical patients that you are a non-smoker or that you are willing to quit during a prescribed time before and after the surgery.

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