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Skin Tag Removal in Toronto, Ontario

Skin tags are small benign growths that can appear on any part of the body. They are typically found on the neck, axilla and groin areas and can become more common as you get older.

Skin tags on neck of a patient

Should I have skin tags removed?

Skin tags do not need to be removed or treated. However, if they get larger and more numerous, it can interfere with daily function or if they are in highly visible areas, many people chose to have them surgically removed.

Candidates for skin tag removal alone usually have one of the following: - A skin tag in a highly visible location like the face or neck. - A skin tag that is excessively large or long. - A skin tag that gets easily inflamed from normal movement or clothing rubbing against it.

Is it time for your skin tag removal?

Are skin tags causing you discomfort or annoyance? Our minor surgery experts are here to help. Schedule a consultation today to have your skin tags examined and explore the possibility of removal on the same day. During the consultation, our experienced minor surgery experts will carefully evaluate your skin tags and recommend the most suitable course of action. You can trust our experts to provide expert care and, when appropriate, perform the necessary removal procedure during the same visit. Don't let skin tags bother you any longer - take the first step towards relief by scheduling a consultation with our minor surgery experts.

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