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Rapid Access Skin Centre

Reducing Wait Times 

Rapid Access Skin Centre is a service offered through the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre aimed to reduce wait times for surgical management of skin cancers. 


Our goal is to provide faster access for surgical treatment by offering dedicated minor surgical time to patients referred through the Rapid Access Skin Centre. 


There are two point of access

  1. Patients can be referred directly through their own physicians for surgical management 

  2. Patient's who don't have a primary health care provided can contact the centre directly for a consultation with our skin cancer specialist.  If surgical management is needed, treatment access is expedited within the clinic. 


Covered by OHIP 

Consultations and management is OHIP covered 

Patients must bring a valid health card with them for all visits to be seen by specialist and plastic surgeons. 

More than one in four fair-skinned caucasians will get a skin cancer in their lifetime. Plastic surgeons are involved in removing a large share of these as most occur on the “sun belt” of the face, which includes the nose, the cheeks, the temples and the ears.

The longer you wait to have a skin cancer removed, the bigger it gets, and the more complicated the reconstruction becomes to return the patient to their normal state. This is why it is best treated early while it is still small.

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Skin Cancers

Management and risks associated with different skin cancers is dependent on the location and/or cell type of the tumours.  Our skin is made of different layers and cell types and skin, called the integumentary system, can be divided into 3 layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. 


The epidermis is the outer layers of the skin that serves to protect the body from the harsh environment. The dermis is the supportive layer of the skin which brings nutrients to the epidermis. Lastly, the hypodermis is the fatty layer of the skin that serves as insulation for the body.

Skin Cancer Rapid Access Skin Cancer

It is within the epidermis that most skin cancers are initially found and the names of the skin cancers are often derived from the cell type found in the epidermal layer.

Most individuals present with 1 of 3 common types of skin cancers or subtypes 

  1. Squamous cell carcinomas arising from squamous cells/keratinocytes

  2. Basal cell carcinomas derived from the basal cell layers

  3. Melanomas derived from melanocytes of the skin


At Canadian plastic surgery centre, we strive to provide treatment for skin cancers quickly and definitively to give our patients a peace of mind.  Successful surgery not only completely removes the cancerous cells but should also prevent them from recurring in the future.  With surgical excision, Dr. Chivers also takes extra care to minimize scarring from procedure and  performs reconstructive surgery such as use with skin grafts when damage from the cancer requires it.

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