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Wound Care

There are many causes to the develop wounds and most people can heal minor cuts and abrasions without any intervention.  However wounds involving large surface areas, deep tissue layers, infections or wounds found in patients with chronic illness often does not heal without intervention.  The Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre, located in Centenary Hospital brings together the specialized wound care knowledge of Dr. Quinton Chivers and the access to a comprehensive repertoire of treatment methods for management of different types of wounds.

Wounds can be broken down into two generalized categories: acute wounds and chronic wounds.  Depending on the type of wound and the cause for the wound, ie cuts, burns, infections, there are different management methods to not only help patient’s heal their wounds but help that attain the best functional and aesthetic outcome.

Listed below are some specialized care techniques that is available for patient’s who have their wounds managed at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre:

Skin Grafts or Surgical Flaps

Depending on the location of the wound, sometimes patients can develop scars in highly visible areas or scars that may limit the range of motion of involved limbs.  In these situations, Dr. Chivers may elect to place a skin graft over the wound area to free up the restricted range of motion or provide a more aesthetically  appropriate result.  Having the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre located within the hospital, patient’s who need surgical management of their wounds can be easily brought into the operating room or in the minor surgical clinic for appropriate management.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Wounds require oxygen to heal and certain types of wounds can benefit from high-pressure oxygen that can stimulate healing. Individuals with chronic or complex wounds can utilize hyperbaric oxygen chambers for multiple session to expose wounds to a high oxygen and high pressure state, A benefit to having chronic wounds managed by having Dr. Quinton Chivers is a quick and easy referral to the Centenary hospital hyperbaric oxygen clinic.  Patient’s with appropriate wounds have access to oxygen therapy within the same location of their physician.

Infectious Diseases

One common reason that wounds do not heal is due to infections.   Diabetic foot wounds and infected cysts often causes increase complexity to management of the wound.  At the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre, located within Centenary Hospital, Dr. Chivers can bring in infectious disease specialist to help manage complex wounds that are not healing.  Centralizing your care to one location.

Wound Care at Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre

Wound Care Nurses

Providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary wound care for patient’s is important to managing complex wounds.  At Centenary Hospital. wound care nurses who focus their career in caring for patient’s with chronic wounds play a very active role alongside the different specialists.  Their knowledge in wound care and different advance techniques in management help patient’s recover from their complex and/or chronic wounds so that patients can return to their daily activities.

Home Care

Caring for chronic wound can be difficult and overwhelming for patients who have never taken care of a chronic wound.  However, staying in the hospital past several weeks in order to wait for a chronic wound to heal can also be taxing for patients and their family members.  Dr. Chivers can set patient’s up with home care services which either brings wound care nurses to a patient’s home to help care for complex wounds or refer patient’s to an outside clinic where their wounds can be managed appropriately.

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