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Non-surgical scar care

Non-Surgical Scar Care

Scar Care

Every scar is different, but for the majority of injuries, whether accidental or as a result of surgical procedures, the best method of available scar care is steroid injections, silicone tape or gel. These non-surgical option treats scars in three different ways:

  • Relieves tension on the skin allowing it to more easily close and heal

  • Shields the skin from additional damage that can be caused by the environment

  • Hydrates the skin which aids in the healing process and ensures a smoother blending of pigments during skin recovery

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Suitable Candidates
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The primary candidates for scar care from the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre are patients have a scar in a visible area of have itchy irritable scars, known as Hypertrophic or Keloid Scars.

Hypertrophic Scars - raised scars over the area of previous cutaneous damage.  These scars can be itchy and sensitive but do not grow outside the boundary of the original wound.

Keloid Scars - raised scar that very itchy and painful and can increase in size significantly beyond the boarder of the original wound.  Are often unsightly and can cause significant distress.

If you have a scar in a visible area that causes you significant distress, hypertrophic scars or keloid scars that you would like treated, contact the Canadian Plastic surgery Centre to see all the available options in treating your condition.

Scar Care (Silicone Tape/Gel)

Scar care is something that we take very seriously at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre. We know that scarring, whether from surgery, burns, accidents, or illness, can create life long emotional trauma for some people. Helping people feel good about the way they look and preserving dignity is a priority at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre. This is why you won’t find better scar care in Toronto than the care we provide.

Steroid InJections

Steroid injections is a suitable treatment for individuals who suffer from hypertrophic and keloid scars.  Steroid injections directly into the scar can reduce symptoms of itchiness, irritability and soften scars while reducing it in size.  Please note that  multiple injections from professions is typically required as large doses of steroids results in atrophy of the dermis, creating areas of depression in the scar area

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Scar care does not have any recovery that is independent of the damage being treated. However, scar care does require a physician to regularly monitor the damaged area and to replace tape or gel as needed. As such, you should expect to return to our facilities for multiple visits during the recovery process of your injury or surgery.
In addition to tracking any scarring, our medical staff will also watch for any problems, like infection, that may develop during the recovery process.

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Scar care rarely prevents a scar completely, though in some cases this is possible. The primary benefit of scar care treatment is that resulting scars are lighter, blend in better with the surrounding skin, and usually are less depressed or raised. Scars that receive this treatment are also more likely to fade over time and likely to take less time to fade.

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