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Canadian Dermatology Centre


Appointment Location: 

Canadian Dermatology Centre

1390 Don Mills Rd,

North York, Ontario

M3B 0A7

What to expect at your appointment?
  • An initial consultation regarding the referred problem is performed on your appointment date. 

  • A surgical procedure can be performed on the day of your initial consultation, if required.

  • If a surgical procedure is performed, a follow up appointment is required for removal of sutures and to follow-up on the pathology of the excised specimen.

    • All excised ​lesions are sent for pathologic evaluation

More Information
  • For all minor procedures, minimal post operative care and management is required. 

  • To find out more about the management of your referred problem and the post operative care, Please click on the link below. 

To change or cancel your appointment, please call our clinic at (416)244-8377.

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