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Areola Reduction Surgery

Areolar Reduction Surgery at Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre

Length of Surgery

1-2 Hours

Areola Reduction Surgery

     Short and


Price Range

Currently not offered

Summary of Surgery:

Areola reduction surgery is a procedure for women who are seeking change the look of their breast without having to commit to an extensive surgical procedure.  Areola reduction surgery is for women who are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their nipple complex.

Alternative names:

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Type of Anesthesia:

Local or General Anesthesia 

Recovery Period:

2-3 days off from work

1-2 weeks before resuming physical activity

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What is Areola Reduction Surgery?

Areola reduction surgery, also know as nipple reduction surgery, is one way women can drastically change the look of their breast without undergoing major surgery.  Disproportionately large areolae can give breasts an unbalanced appearance and reducing the size of the areola complex changes the ratio of the areola complex to the size of the breast.  This visually changes the breast and actually makes the breast look larger without having to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

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Suitable Candidates

Candidates for areola reduction surgery are women who are in overall good health, who are not currently breastfeeding, who feel that they are dissatisfied with the size of their areola complex for any of the following reasons:

  • Areola complex that are larger that they prefer or is disproportionate compared to the size of their breasts.

  • Areola complex that are unevenly shaped

  • Areola complex that are different in size

If you are a woman with large breasts who is experiencing any of these issues or have other problems due to the size or shape of your areolae, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Chivers. He will assess your issues and determine a course of action to reshape your breasts to the size and shape that you desire.

Procedural Details

Areola reduction surgery is a simple surgical procedures offered at the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre  and in nearly all cases, this surgery is performed under local anesthesia.  During the procedure, a small incision around your areola is made and excess tissue and skin around the outer area of the areola is resected.  Small, fine stitches are then used to close the incision right at the junction between the areaola complex and the breasts to minimize any scarring from the procedure and to hide the incision at the boarder of the complex.

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Like most surgical procedures that are performed under local anesthesia, areola reduction surgery results in a quick recovery time.  You will be able to drive and return to work the very next day after the surgery. Pain and swelling in your breasts should be minimal and can easily be relieved by over-the-counter painkillers.


You will experience continued tenderness in your nipples for a few weeks and you will usually need to wait roughly a month before you can engage in strenuous activities again. It is recommended during the first two weeks, and possibly longer depending on the tenderness of your nipples, that you wear a soft sports bra, instead of a traditional bra. If you should experience any problems or have any questions during your recovery, the helpful staff of the Canadian Plastic Surgery Centre are readily available to provide assistance.

Instructions at a Glance
  • After surgery, you will find paper strips over the incision around your nipples.  You can shower with the paper strips in place and you should pat them dry after you shower.  The paper strips should remain in place and will fall off on their own.

  • You can shower the day following your surgery and should gently wash the wounds with soap and water.  DO NOT bath, swim or soak your incisions in a pool of water for 2 weeks after surgery.

  • You will have a follow-up 10-14 days after your surgery to remove any stitches 

  • You should refrain from vigorous activity for about 2-4 weeks after your surgery.

  • You should wear a sports bra for 2 weeks after your surgery until after your follow-up apointment

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Areolar Reduction Surgery

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